Completed Projects

Spider-Bolt used at the Rockingham RacewayRockingham Motor Speedway

Morrison Construction found the use of Spider Bolts in parts of the Rockingham Building invaluable in solving problems of access when fixing balustrades and handrails.

Spider-Bolt used during the construction of the University of YorkThe University of York

The top areas of the buildings had to have an edge protection system which could easily be attached and subsequently removed.


The Spider Bolt gave them the flexibility and cost effective solution to the problem of fixing to the steel framework of the building where it was impossible to get to both sides of the supporting structures.

Spider-Bolt in use in the atmosphere controlled depository buildingBritish Library Wetherby

The Spider Bolt was successfully used in the maintenance and upgrade of the storage facility racking areas within the atmosphere controlled depository building.


The speed of application and ease of use in confined areas made it invaluable.

Spider-Bolt being fittedAdvance Housing

The Spider Bolt was an integral part of the design of the Steel framed buildings which were assembled on site.


Having arrived at site all walls and base were preassembled so the Spider Bolt was simply used to bolt all the sections together making the whole assembly process very quick.