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BULBMASTER Press release

The Spider Bolt Tackles the problem of fixing parts together when access to one side is difficult or impossible. The Spider Bolt is designed so that as it is tightened the inner section expands on the other side of the connection forming a direct clamp between the two sections.

This eliminates the need for welding on of nuts or brackets and also where possible allows the use of thinner wall hollow section where drilling and tapping would normally be the solution.

The connection time is dramatically reduced as all is necessary is to drill a hole in both parts of being connected, put the bolt through the hole and tighten from one side.

There are rapid installation tools available for applications where large numbers of bolts are used, but the Spider Bolt can easily be installed using conventional spanners and sockets.

The Spider Bolt is used on a variety of applications including suspended ceilings, balustrades, hand rails, stairways, suspended pipework and services, cladding, prefabricated and modular buildings.

For example, recently a problem encountered by BULBMASTER a specialist lighting maintenance and installation company based in Nottingham was quickly and easily solved by using Spider Bolts. Bulbmaster had to fix a large flood light to an existing cladded and lined building at British Airways. Access was impossible to the inside surface, firstly as the inside was lined with insulation, and secondly it was located 10 metres high above and behind the mechanism for a large roller shutter door. But by using the Spider Bolt, Bulbmaster made it a simple installation from the outside which only took a matters of minutes.

Apart from the standard and countersunk Spider Bolts in zinc plated carbon steel, the Spider Bolt Company can supply stainless steel varieties for the more demanding environments. Additionally they can provide customised bespoke designs where necessary.

The Spider bolt can provide a quick and easy solution to a one sided connection, the Bolts are easy to use, is a one made operation to install with no specialist tooling required.  The bolts can easily be removed and the main body be re-used where required this enables off site test assemblies to be done.

The Spider Bolt Company is based in Nottingham and can supply any quantity large or small direct or through their distributors quickly.